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EON is the first robotic, touchless body contouring device disrupting the Aesthetic Industry. Other modalities remove fat through freezing or muscle stimulation; however, EON uses a time-proven 1064 nm laser to heat the fat to 123.8F (51C), causing fat cell death and removal naturally through the lymphatic system with full results in 12 weeks. EON can dispense the hottest laser energy on the market into the fat tissue due to the jet-impingement cooling system that blows consistent cold air onto the skin's surface at a comfortable 104 degrees Fahrenheit (39C). 


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About EON

RENEW ND is proud to bring EON to the Everett and surrounding areas of Washinton State! EON is the only body contouring device with the ability to make real-time safety decisions based on the protocol written into its system by our EON robotic engineers. The robotic technology manages the treatment during an EON procedure, removing human error and inconsistency. 

The device hovers over and scans the patient's body, memorizing the topography and using sensors to detect skin temperature, distance from the skin, laser energy, jet temperature, and room temperature. These features are part of EON's advanced safety protocol, which is written into EON's autonomous system. By removing human error, EON can reduce issues that can occur with manual operating devices currently in the market. 


Patients can treat an entire abdomen in 60 minutes and can achieve a fat loss of 21% above the belly button and 25% below the belly button. EON is currently FDA cleared for the abdomen, flanks (sides), thighs (inner, front, outer, "banana rolls"), back (bra rolls) and is safe for all skin types and skin tones. There is a 96% patient satisfaction with EON, with 95.2% of patients saying they will return for a second treatment. There are ZERO non-responders with EON.

WHO Is A Candidate For EON?

  • Patient looking to permanently reduce stubborn fat in the upper / lower abdomen or flanks.

  • Patients looking for a non-invasive solution for body sculpting that doesn’t interrupt their normal daily schedule.

  • Patient with manageable BMI of 30 or less  (Provider discretion).

  • No Contraindications and Precautions acknowledged.

  • Patients able to “Pinch an inch” in the treatment area.



  • EON is a revolutionary robotic, non-invasive body contouring device.

  • EON provides personalized treatments that target and reduce your stubborn fat. 

  • EON induces permanent removal of subcutaneous fat cells by utilizing heat created by a well-controlled robotic laser.

  • The treatment head, driven by a robotic arm, delivers consistent laser energy while heating adipose tissue up to 51°C at which apoptosis occurs.

  • EON employs breakthrough jet-impingement cooling technology and real-time monitoring to create a comfortable patient experience.


HOW Does EON Work?

  • EON utilizes 42 unique smart sensors that scan and map a patient's topography for personalized treatments.

  • These sensors drive EON’s autonomous decision making, patient safety, and patient comfort.

  • Robotic design provides consistent treatment patient to patient and removes chance for error. 

  • EON’s laser accurately delivers an unprecedented degree of fat-reducing energy. 

  • EON keeps the skin substantially cooler, all without ever touching the patient.


WHEN Can I Get My Treatment?

  • RENEW ND in Everett can work with you to figure out the best EON treatment plan in a consultation.


WHY Should I Choose EON?

  • EON is safe, effective with proven results.

  • The treatment is completely touchless and comfortable.

  • Treat the full abdomen in 60 minutes or both flanks in 40 minutes.

  • Single treatment of the abdomen produced a 20-25% reduction in fat, almost two belt notches, in the areas treated.

  • NO-POST TREATMENT CARE NEEDED – No straps, gels, or post massages. 

  • You can receive your treatment and go on with your daily life.

  • Zero non-responders.





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