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Tempsure Vitalia

Intimate Wellness Revitalized. Confidence Restored.


TempSure Vitalia treatment is a non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation, which is a non-hormonal, anti-aging, and chemical-free solution for women's wellness.

The treatment helps with mild stress incontinence, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse.

As women age, they undergo hormonal changes that cause shifts in their bodies. This results in changes in vaginal laxity and dryness and causes other menopause side effects. TempSure Vitalia is a women’s wellness treatment for optimal vaginal rejuvenation and minimizing discomfort without surgery. The FDA-cleared system provides vaginal restoration, reversing those unwanted changes by inducing collagen synthesis.


If you are dealing with intimate wellness concerns and want an easy, non-surgical treatment, contact Renew ND Medspa today. We are the leading provider of women’s wellness treatments in Everett, WA location, including the TempSure Vitalia by Cynosure. Call 425-551-7573 reach out to us online to schedule a consultation where you discover how the Vitalia treatment can help you overcome your wellness concerns and achieve more confidence, even as you age.


  • Non-invasive

  • Non-hormonal and chemical-free

  • Therapeutic heating

  • Achieves optimal intimate wellness

  • Temporarily increases local circulation

  • Decreases pain and muscle spasms

  • Improves incontinence

  • Quick, easy 5-minute in-office treatments

  • No downtime

  • FDA-cleared


The TempSure Vitalia device delivers gentle, warm radiofrequency (RF) energy to the treatment area. This thermal heat stimulates new collagen in the vaginal walls, increasing tightening, hydration, and overall functioning. The handpiece is made explicitly for small, hard-to-reach areas, such as vaginal and labial tissue. The device improves local circulation and stimulates collagen and elastin in those areas. The new fibers formed from this therapy are tighter and denser. In addition, Vitalia provides an easy, effective way to maintain intimate wellness during perimenopause and menopause.


TempSure’s Vitalia is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment for addressing a wide range of feminine concerns. Whether you are struggling with some or even all the following issues, a treatment using Vitalia provides you with relief. The concerns this device addresses include:

  • Urinary Incontinence

  • Vaginal Dryness 

  • Vaginal Laxity

  • Pelvic Pain or Muscles Spasms


There is no downtime and the procedure can be performed in less than 30 minutes. Typically 3 treatments are recommended spaced out one month apart. The cost for 1 procedure is $675. A series of 3 treatments are recommended. Tempsure Vitalia available on $299/month membership.

It is 2 months payment for 1 treatment.

If you’re experiencing feminine concerns, you do not have to suffer in silence. Contact us today and learn how TempSure Vitalia’s vaginal rejuvenation treatment can help improve intimate problems, including incontinence, laxity, dryness, pain, and more. Call us at 425-551-7573 to schedule your consultation and learn more about possible relief with this revolutionary vaginal treatment.

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